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InStyle "Eat Your Way Gorgeous", Jan '10 p87, Chia Seeds ... they make you pretty .
Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall, contrib. editor for Men's Health. Chia is Fuel for Super Athletes ...
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Amazing Nutrition

8x the omega 3s of salmon 30% more antioxidants than blueberries 6x the calcium of milk 15x the magnesium of brocolli
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Weight Loss With Purisalv Is Easy As 1 2 3

Using Purisalv is easy. Just measure, stir or mix in your favorite non-carbonated beverage, and enjoy!

In fact, it's so easy to use that everyone from doctors to physical fitness professionals and to individuals just like you are starting to recognize the amazing weight loss powers of Purisalv chia seeds

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Purisalv Is Nature's Skinny Seed:

  • Superior Appetite Suppressor

  • Boosts Your Metabolism

  • All Day Energy with No Crash

  • Blocks "Other" Food Absorption

  • Stops Unhealthy Cravings

  • Detoxify & Cleanses Your Body

  • Naturally Increases Endurance

  • Repairs Body After a Workout

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Recommended By The Health Professionals

super power hour 01

Super Power Seed to Conquer Cravings

On a recent The Dr. Oz Super Power Hour segment, the doc gets serious about chia and how adding these super seeds to your diet can stop unhealthy cravings and help you lose weight.

He says "they are great for dieters because researchers believe they may suppress appetite, naturally ... One of the extraordinary benefits of chia is its remarkable ability to change your cravings for food."

super power hour 02

How Chia works to fight over eating

"Let's say this is your stomach ... Let's see how much rice it will take to fill it ... Now here is the magic of chia and I love this concept. How many times does it expand when it's in your stomach?

[9 times its own actual weight, 900%]

So these sponges are the chias, and you put them in there and what happens pretty darn quickly is they start to expand."

super power hour 03

The Proof is in the leftover rice

"Once [chia] starts to expand they change the volume of your stomach to guess what you can't fit the same amount of rice.

Go ahead and try to fit that much rice in there. ... You are still left with some. And you know what if you are still the same amount of full in both of these situations and you have this much rice left over at the end I think you are doing pretty well. "

super power hour 04

How many seeds do you need per day?

[An ounce or about 3 tablespoons or less than a quarter cup. And you are talking about something great for your heart, great for your colon, great for your blood pressure ... not to mention it curbs your appetite]

... incorporate [chia] in your food ... one way is to add it to oatmeal, cereal or even a morning shake

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